How to use CiGri with the Module command


The objective of this tutorial is to show you by the example, how to set up and run a grid job on the CIMENT clusters by using CiGri and Irods. The basic workflow is generally as follow:

  • deploy your application on the grid
  • make a starting script, a parameters file and a job description file
  • start and monitor your job
  • get the results
  • eventually post-process the results

CiGri is the grid middleware used to manage the jobs and Irods is the storage middelware to manage the distributed data.

The application we are going to use as an example is POV (Persistence Of Vision). It is a raytracer and it needs a large amount of cpu cycles to generate a single synthetic image. We are going to make a high definition video of a virtual POV scene. Each job is the computing of a frame of our video.


Being a CIMENT user