GRICAD services access

This page indicates how to access the HPC platforms and associated storage using the PERSEUS user account and project management system. In time, this process will extend to other GRICAD services.

Access to the GITLAB or Jupyterhub platforms is done using you AGALAN login.

Access to the NOVA platform is currently possible by contacting us.

Access and use in a nutshell

1. Get an account

Get an account on PERSEUS.

At this stage you can access the PERSEUS website to review your account request and ask to join a project but you will not yet have access to any other services.

PERSEUS accounts are not limited to members of research laboratories from Grenoble. You can create a PERSEUS account even if you are an external collaborator. The only limitation as an external collaborator is that you cannot have a permanent account and be a project manager, that is a privilege reserved for members of Grenoble research laboratories.

2. Create or join a project

Create/join a project : you must have requested to join an active project before we can activate your account.

Your account must have been activated before you can access anything else than the PERSEUS website.

3. Enjoy

Once you have an account and belong to at least one project, you’re ready to connect to the clusters

4. Be nice

Fill the wiki, read and apply good practices.


Please read this page to the end!

Even if you have completed your account creation, as long as you have not requested to join an active project and the manager of that project has not added you we cannot activate your account. You must join an active project first. At this point you will only have access to the PERSEUS website using your PERSEUS login. This allows you to review your account creation and request to join projects. You will only be able to access other services once you have joined an active project, been accepted by the project manager and have had your account finaly manually validated by a member of the GRICAD team. Nothing else is yet possible until all of these steps have been completed.

If you have created a project at the same time as your account, all you have to do is to wait for your scientific pole managers to approve your project for it, and your account, to become active.