Project’s RC file

Log in to the OpenStack dashboard with your login and password and Perseus as Domain Then access to your project : connexion

Download your project’s RC file :
At the top right, please click on your login. fichierRCv3_1 Then, select Fichier OpenStack RC from the drop-down menu. fichierRC You should get a file named, please save it.

Authentication phase

The file must be sourced from the console where it was saved.

$ source
Please enter your OpenStack Password for project jupyter as user tascan:

This step must be repeated for each new connection to the bash.

Now you can use the OpenStack command line.
For example, list your projects as follows

$ openstack project list
| ID                               | Name          |
| 88ddbfbb9b7f4fe981ce214be524d401 | jupyter       |
| b9e236db1d344c3a83b9dafb9a10a2e6 | gitlab-runner |
| d1e48b72350f4e90bb0255e12e6ed602 | ciment-nix-ci |