How access to Nova

If you need to join a Nova project, please contact us

The support team will give you your login and password.

Summary of important commands

1 - Installation

For a good practice, please create a virtual environment for gricad-nova.

$ virtualenv gricad-nova
$ source gricad-nova/bin/activate

Install the OpenStack’s client with Installation du client OpenStack pour une utilisation en ligne de commande.

$ pip install python-openstackclient

2 - authentification

Go to the OpenStack web interface and log in with your login and password. Download and save the ( RC file (more details here).
Then run it in your bash.

$ source 

Please, repeat this step for each new connection.

3 - ssh key pair

Create a new authentication key pair for ssh by using a RSA key of size 4096 bits.

$ ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096

Then, upload your public key on the project.

$ openstack keypair create --public-key ~/.ssh/ LOGIN-rs