Create and access to an instance

OpenStack virtual machines are called instances because they are instances of an image.

Instances are created from chosen resources, image and size.
When the instance is launched, the size of the instance is resized according to what it actually takes.

Summary of steps

1 - Create a new instance

Creation of an instance by providing the needed resources.

$ openstack server create \
--image <IMAGE> --flavor <FLAVOR> --network <NETWORK> --security-group <SECURITY_GROUP> --key-name <RSA_KEY> \

Add the option --user-data <configuration-file> to customize the creation with a configuration file.

2 - Associate a floating IP

Associate a floating IP with an instance to make it visible and accessible.

$ openstack server add floating ip <INSTANCE_NAME> <FLOATING_IP>

3 - Access to instance

Remote access to instance via SSH.

$ ssh <user-name>@<floating-ip>