For each project, two network are created :

  • projectName-int-net ( : OpenStack internal network.
    New VM instances use this network. They have access to the outside thanks to a SNAT mechanism, but are not visible from the outside.
  • projectName-ext-net (129.88.195.* et 10.1.13*.0/24) : network routed to the UGA backbone.
    You will be able to assign an ip from its subnets to instances once they are created.

Private IP networks (10.1.13 \ *. *) must use the UGA proxy to access the internet.


You can list the project’s subnets by using

$ openstack subnet list

It returns project-ext-pub-subnet, project-int-subnet and project-ext-priv-subnet.

Floatting IP must be create in project-ext-pub-subnet subnet.