Installing the openstack client

To use OpenStack from the command line, you need to install the openstack client on your machine, which is a Python program.


Installation in a specific virtual environment is optional but recommended by best practices.

The venv module is usually installed in recent versions of Python. Create your virtual environment, for example gricad-nova-env.

python -m venv gricad-nova-env

Finally, activate this virtual environment.

source gricad-nova-env/bin/activate

You can add this command to the end of the RC file.

Openstack client

Install the openstack client, module documentation.

pip install python-openstackclient

You can check that the client is functional.

openstack --version

To test your NOVA authentication, use the following command to list the projects to which you belong.

openstack project list
| ID                               | Name          |
| 88ddbfbb9b7f4fe981ce214be524d401 | jupyter       |
| b9e236db1d344c3a83b9dafb9a10a2e6 | gitlab-runner |
| d1e48b72350f4e90bb0255e12e6ed602 | ciment-nix-ci |

Updating modules

From time to time, you will need to update the modules in your environment, as they are not managed by the distribution.

pip install -U MODULE_NAME