Nova : OpenStack plateform for cloud computing



OpenStack is a set of open source software that provides a solution for deploying and managing cloud computing infrastructures.


Nova is one of the main components of OpenStack. It offers a virtual machine service on demand.
You can access the platform via an API. Then manage VMs, containers and other types of resources useful for cloud computing.

The services offered by the Nova project

  • provision of virtual servers on demand,
  • many types are available (CPU, RAM, disk capacity …),
  • various available OS (Centos, Debian, Ubuntu, NixOS …) and in multiple versions,
  • quota and project management,
  • web, command line (CLI) and API interfaces.

For each project is assigned a set of resources (cores, memory, disk space, network). Then the user can use them to create and manage VMs.

Nova project at Grenoble

The Nova project provides the establishements of Grenoble’s COMUE with a cloud computing infrastructure (IaaS). The initial funders are: CNRS, Grenoble INP, Inria, UGA, SIDES project. The platform is installed in the datacenter Grenoble.

Gricad Nova platform

To access Gricad’s cloud computing service:

Use case

For any use that does not require persistent hosting and storage over time.
Example :

  • Tests et validations : laboratories, experimentations, pre-production, continuous integration (Runner gitlab)
  • Formation and teaching (Jupyter)
  • Big Data (Sides)
  • HPC or HTC computing

Nova is not a classic hosting service ( with a web server, a database and an application).
For this, please turn to the WINTER services.