Bettik high performance distributed scratch space


Bettik is a high performance distributed shared scratch storage infrastructure available from Dahu, Bigfoot and Luke clusters.

It offers a common scratch space available from all the compute nodes with very high data throughput.

Bettik currently uses BeeGFS.

Sustained data transfert rates of 10Gb/s have been obtained. Remember however that this is shared between all users. Single user performance may not be comparable. It is also dependant on cluster load and stored data nature. It can happen that performance is degraded due to reasons which can be remedied. If you believe this is the case, we advise you to open a ticket on our support system.

Please note that very large collections (> 1000) of small files (< 10Mb) in a single directory are a particularly bad usage and can cause significant performance loss not only for you but for all the users of the infrastructure. For all uses which require access to large numbers of small files, Silenus is to be preferred


Bettik is available on Luke and Dahu as a local filesystem mounted on /bettik.

The good practise is to use the directories created for each project under /bettik/PROJECTS/ which allow sharing data with all members of a project.

Moreover, in each project directory, subfolders are automatically created. A COMMON folder, read and write accessible by all project members as well a a subfolder by project member, read only accessible to other project members.

This hierarchy offers project members a shared, secured and structured storage space.

Data storage on th Bettik infrastructure outside of the /bettik/PROJECTS/ hierarchy is not encouraged.

Please note that Bettik is a scratch space. It is not intended for long term data storage. Good practice is to remove data as soon as possible and store it on more approriate storage infrastructures.