Liste of hardware / configuration changes

Here is a changes journal of the HPC facilities. The lastest changes are on the top of the list.


  • Bigfoot: Continued systemd OAR job manager adaptations : fixed Suspecting bigfoot-gh1 with users having a “-” in their login and confined GPU devices into the systemd slice



  • Bigfoot:
    • Doc update for AMD GPUS (rocm nix packages upgrade)


  • Bigfoot:
    • Upgraded bigfoot-gh1 kernel to 6.5.0-1014 and nvidia drivers to 550 —> fixed cpuset bug, so bigfoot-gh1 is back online into OAR
    • Upgraded AMD GPU firmwares on bigfoot13 as an attempt to fix some issues with inter-gpus communications
  • Nix: added support for aarch64 (ARM64) architecture into /applis/site/



  • Dahu and Bigfoot nodes:
    • Added packages (deps of apptainer): squashfuse, fuse2fs, gocryptfs
    • singularity is now a symbolic link to apptainer


  • Added a new queue long for jobs walltime between 48h and 160h on the Dahu cluster with a high priority on 2 nodes (dahu106 and dahu107, tagged with the long=YES OAR property)


  • Installed a new bigfoot-gh1 node: it’s an experimental node containing an Nvidia Grace-Hopper GH200 motherboard (72 cores ARM64 Grace + Hopper GPU). As the node is still unstable, it’s often in the “drain” mode. When not drained, you can submit jobs with the -t gh type from the bigfoot frontend.


    • Mantis:
      • OS upgrade of the nodes
      • iRODS servers upgrade 4.2.12 -> 4.3.1
      • clients upgrade postponed as there’s a configuration change to deploy into users home directories
    • Dahu, Luke and Bigfoot nodes:
      • Security updates
      • Firmware upgrades
      • Upgrade BeeGFS clients to 7.4.2
      • Nvidia drivers re-deployment on Bigfoot nodes
    • Bettik :
      • upgrade servers to BeeGFS 7.4.2
      • data migration and decomission of bettik-data1
    • Silenus :
      • upgrade servers to BeeGFS 7.4.2
      • RAM upgrade of the meta-data server 32 GB -> 254 GB
    • Nix: upgrade deamon and clients to 2.18
    • SSH gateways OS Upgrade
    • Vacuum of OAR databases (Bigfoot/Luke/Dahu)